Talent is one of our most valuable assets in China Merchants Securities International Company Limited (“CMSI” or “we”). Our competitiveness rests on the employee’s cogitation, creativity and execution abilities.

CMSI is committed to developing human resources by placing the right candidates in the right positions and aligning our human resources management with its strategic mission and goal. This enables us to synergize between various segments and development of human resources management, helping to increase our intangible assets value.

In order to enhance our overall core competitiveness and achieve strategic objectives, CMSI has been striving to turn our human resources into human capital, building a learning-oriented organization to support its human resources development strategy.

CMSI has committed to offering competitive remuneration packages and work environment to our employees, including but not limited to:

1. A basic salary and a discretionary bonus based on performance;
2. Comprehensive insurance benefits and five-day work week;
3. Various employees training programs on business and personal career development; and
4. Different kinds of festival greetings, social activities and employee engagement events.

If you are determined to pursue an exciting and promising career in CMSI, where you can align your career with our vision and believe that you can excel yourself within this rapidly growing capital market, CMSI may well be your best choice.
Our Mission
Creating value by providing superior financial services
CMSI is committed to providing superior integrated financial services to domestic and foreign customers and continuing to create value to promote capital markets and securities industry. To this end, we advocate:
  • Customer trust
  • Employee pride
  • Shareholder satisfaction
  • Social respect
Our Vision
We aim to develop our products and services with the following features:
  • Full functions in capital market
  • International
  • A leader in scale
  • Competitive and outstanding
  • A brand recognized for excellence
Our Corporate Values
We strive to be the market leader and the pioneer in the industry.
We are committed to building a strong foundation with a focus on long-term development and sustainable growth.
Customer oriented, Performance-driven
Professional, People-centric
Responsible, Efficient
Collaborative and Reputable
Healthy Work-Life Balance
In addition to a comprehensive package of insurance other benefits, we have organized various activities for our employees that promote healthy work-life balance, such as yoga classes, basketball and badminton tournaments, BBQ and hiking.

We care about employees' health. Our Employee Assistance Program provides regularly scheduled health seminars and activities through which employees can learn healthy living tips and promote holistic health.

Welcome to join the big family of CMSI
A visit at the HKEX is fun and rewarding
We actively participate in various kinds of sports event
We are looking for talents who…
  • are positive, enthusiastic, customer-oriented and performance-driven with strong commitment and courage to take on new challenges.
  • have good communication skills and work well with team spirit, and are able to respond quickly to the rapid changing business environment.
  • are innovative, strike for excellence and self-motivated for continuous development.