Security Tips & Advice
1. Password Protection
  • Never disclose your logon IDs and passwords to any person under any circumstances. Remember that no one at China Merchants Securities International Company Limited and its affiliates (collectively “CMSI”) will ever ask you for your password.
  • Use hard-to-guess passwords, for example, use a combination of letters and numbers in both upper and lower cases.
  • Avoid using names, birthdays, phone numbers, identification numbers, parts of logon ID etc. as password.
  • Change your passwords regularly, e.g. for every 3 months.
  • Try to use different passwords for different services
  • Do not write down your passwords.
  • Do not keep any document containing your usernames or passwords, and account information. Shred and dispose them properly when there is no further need.
  • Check to see that the computer environment you are using is safe. Make sure nobody can look over your shoulder or see your screen.
2. Device and Data Protection
  • Do not use shared computer (such as computers at cyber cafes) or public Wi-Fi to logon CMSI Internet Services.
  • Do not logon to CMSI Internet Services from the hyperlink (including QR Code) embedded in an unknown email / instant message.
  • Beware of any unusual login screen or process (e.g. a suspicious pop-up window or request for providing additional personal information which is not necessary). Please do not enter usernames or passwords if the website is found suspicious.
  • Logoff CMSI Internet Services and close the browser/app properly. Never leave the devices unattended after logon.
  • Always download new device, operating system and browser security patches whenever they are available.
  • Do not install software from unknown sources.
  • Avoid using any jailbreak or rooted mobile.
  • Download mobile application from official app stores and ensure to search application with correct name to avoid fake application.
  • Wipe data on your old mobile handset before you donate, resell or recycle it.
3. Malware Protection
  • Activate personal firewall to protect your computer / mobile.
  • Install and always activate anti-virus / anti-malware software, update the software regularly with the latest virus definition.
  • Scan your computer periodically (including all local disks and all file types), and clean the infected files once they are discovered.
  • If unusual screens pop up and/or the computer's response is unusually slow, log out from the CMSI Internet Services completely and scan the computer with the most updated version of virus protection software.
4. Detecting and Reporting Abnormal Events
  • Regularly check account information (e.g. account balance and transaction history) and instantly check transaction notification message delivered by the CMSI to ensure the correctness. Contact us immediately should you encounter any suspicious transaction.
  • Check your account balance and statement regularly, contact us immediately should you encounter any abnormal transaction (do not ignore any unusual activity even if it is a minor one).
  • Check your personal profile regularly to avoid loss caused by unauthorized usage of your personal information.
  • Notify us of any change of your contact information immediately
5. More Security Information
To know more about the security issue of e-Services, please click the following links: