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Equity Research Report
Youdao (DAO US) - 1Q24 beat; Enriching AI services build bright future Tommy WONG,Crystal LI,Kaia ZHANG 2024-05-29
有道 (DAO US) - 一季度业绩超预期;AI教育生态逐渐丰富 王腾杰,李怡珊,张嘉仪 2024-05-29
CSPC PHARMA (1093 HK) - 1Q24 beat with new products driving segment growth Jonah Chen,Warren DAI 2024-05-28
China consumer weekly (28 May 2024) - Outdoors brands grew while mainstream falls Johnny Wong,郑飞 2024-05-28
中国消费行业周报(2024年5月28日) - 主流品牌与户外品牌销售此消彼长 黄建文,郑飞 2024-05-28
策略报告 - 海外市场周度更新 (2024/05/27) 郭楷泽,郭书音 2024-05-27
Strategy report - Overseas market weekly update (27 May 2024) 郭楷泽,Shuyin GUO 2024-05-27
汽车汽配 - 出海更新:东边不亮西边亮,新旧势力齐出海 梁勇活,姜皓日 2024-05-27
Auto and Auto Parts - Export update: Traditional and EV manufacturers shift focus abroad Liang Yonghuo,John JIANG 2024-05-27
Bilibili (BILI US) - Advertising shines, incrementally better gaming outlook Tommy WONG,Crystal LI,Kaia ZHANG 2024-05-26
哔哩哔哩 (BILI US) - 广告业务表现亮眼,游戏业务前景改善 王腾杰,李怡珊,张嘉仪 2024-05-26
网易 (NTES US) - 一季度业绩稳健,期待暑期旺季到来 王腾杰,李怡珊,张嘉仪 2024-05-24
NetEase (NTES US) - Decent 1Q24 as we look forward to summer season Tommy WONG,Crystal LI,Kaia ZHANG 2024-05-24
拼多多 (PDD US) - Temu减亏显著,集团利润率提升超预期 王腾杰,李怡珊,张嘉仪 2024-05-23
Pinduoduo (PDD US) - Temu’s earning drag declines as group margin expands Tommy WONG,Crystal LI,Kaia ZHANG 2024-05-23
Anta Sports (2020 HK) - Amer’s earnings still on track led by China Johnny Wong,郑飞 2024-05-23
安踏体育(2020 HK) - 亚玛芬在中国市场带领下盈利如常 黄建文,郑飞 2024-05-23
唯品会 (VIPS US) - 承诺股东回报吸引力强;短期增长放缓 王腾杰,李怡珊,张嘉仪 2024-05-23
VIPShop (VIPS US) - Softer outlook but more firm on shareholder returns Kaia ZHANG 2024-05-23
高途集团 (GOTU US) - 招生端强劲表现助力下半年增长提速 王腾杰,李怡珊,张嘉仪 2024-05-22
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