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Equity Research Report
美团 (3690 HK) - 疲软的四季度掩盖三季度的良好表现 王腾杰,李怡珊,张嘉仪,郭书音 2023-11-29
ALI HEALTH (241 HK) - Mixed 1H24 results; asset injection to enrich bottom line Warren DAI 2023-11-29
MEITUAN (3690 HK) - Softer 4Q overshadowed decent 3Q performance Tommy WONG,Crystal LI,Kaia ZHANG,Shuyin GUO 2023-11-29
24年一季度股票推荐 李日晖1,王腾杰,黄建文,梁勇活,罗磊,李怡珊,代方琦 2023-11-29
China Mengniu Dairy (2319 HK) - Revenue and margins likely behind original expectations Johnny Wong,郑飞 2023-11-28
China Education Group (839 HK) - FY23 hiccups have no impact on stable positive outlook Tommy WONG,Crystal LI,Kaia ZHANG,Shuyin GUO 2023-11-28
蒙牛乳业 (2319 HK) - 营收和利润率可能低于原本预期 黄建文,郑飞 2023-11-28
中国教育集团(839 HK) - 23财年业绩短期承压;稳健增长前景乐观 王腾杰,李怡珊,张嘉仪,郭书音 2023-11-28
BOE Varitronix (710 HK) - Profitability recovered in 2H23; high synergy with the Huawei supply chain Liang Yonghuo,John JIANG 2023-11-28
京东方精电 (710 HK) - 下半年盈利能力回升,与华为汽车链协同程度高 梁勇活,姜皓日 2023-11-28
Auto and Auto Parts - Autonomous driving road test launched; industry to see true differentiation Liang Yonghuo,John JIANG 2023-11-27
Stock picks for 1Q24 Sam LEE,Tommy WONG,Johnny Wong,Liang Yonghuo,Felix LUO,Crystal LI,Warren DAI 2023-11-27
汽车汽配 - 高阶智驾政策落地,智驾差异化竞争拉开序幕 梁勇活,姜皓日 2023-11-27
Auto and Auto Parts - Triple drivers to benefit mid-high end vehicles; increased competition for mass market Liang Yonghuo,John JIANG 2023-11-24
汽车汽配 - 新能源月报:三重效应利好中高端,中低端竞争加剧 梁勇活,姜皓日 2023-11-24
中国消费行业周报(2023年11月24日) - 麦当劳对中国餐饮业充满信心 黄建文,郑飞 2023-11-24
China consumer weekly (24 Nov 2023) - McDonald’s confident in China’s catering sector Johnny Wong,郑飞 2023-11-24
Gaotu Group (GOTU US) - Adopting offline for better growth outlook Tommy WONG,Crystal LI,Kaia ZHANG 2023-11-23
CPIC (2601 HK)-Value growth, attractive valuation, reiterate ‘BUY’ Felix LUO 2023-11-23
中国太保 (2601 HK)-价值增长,估值不高,重申“增持” 罗磊 2023-11-23
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