Hong Kong
2021Holiday Table
Date Day Holiday name
1-Jan-2021 Friday New Year's Day
12-Feb-2021 Friday Lunar New Year's Day
13-Feb-2021 Saturday The second day of Lunar New Year
15-Feb-2021 Monday The fourth day of Lunar New Year
2-Apr-2021 Friday Good Friday
3-Apr-2021 Saturday The day following Ching Ming Festival
5-Apr-2021 Monday The day following Ching Ming Festival
6-Apr-2021 Tuesday The day following Easter Monday
1-May-2021 Saturday Labour Day
19-May-2021 Wednesday Birthday of the Buddha
14-Jun-2021 Monday Tuen Ng Festival
1-Jul-2021 Thursday Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
22-Sep-2021 Wednesday The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
1-Oct-2021 Friday National Day
14-Oct-2021 Thursday Chung Yeung Festival
25-Dec-2021 Saturday Christmas Day
27-Dec-2021 Monday The first weekday after Christmas Day
The following business day(s) is-are half-day trading day(s) (i.e. No Extended Morning and Afternoon sessions) and non-settlement day(s) for Exchange Trades and Non-Exchange Trades (i.e. Settlement Instruction and Investor Settlement Instruction):

11-Feb-2021(Thursday) - Eve of Lunar New Year's Day

24-Dec-2021 (Friday) - Christmas Eve

31-Dec-2021 (Friday) - New Year's Eve