1. Are there any charges for opening an account?
No fees will be charged during the account opening process. You can open an account anytime, anywhere, through the designated online account opening page. When the customer uses the services, fees will be incurred. For related fees, please refer to the service fees page.
2. How can I modify or continue the account opening application that I submitted before?
Customers will receive a one-time verification code (OTP) to log in to the account opening system to continue with the previous application. The one-time verification code is a security authentication function to verify your identity when you open an account.
3. How can I change or register my mobile phone number/update my address and other personal information?
Please call the customer hotline (852) 3189 6368 / (86) 400 1200 368 .
4. What are the precautions for uploading the identification as in the process of the account opening?
The applicant should be over 18 years old with valid identification. When scanning your ID card, please place your ID on a flat surface with a simple background. Meanwhile, avoid any reflections on your ID.
5. I have submitted my application, why haven't I received an email confirmation?
After submitting the application, you will receive an SMS notification to confirm that your account opening application has been sent.
When the approval process is completed, you will receive an email of account confirmation.
If you have not received any confirmation email, please check whether the relevant email is automatically transferred to the "spam mailbox".
If you have any questions, please call the customer hotline (852) 3189 6368 / (86) 400 1200 368 or email us at online@cmschina.com.hk .
6. Can I open an account online if I do not have a bank account in Hong Kong?
At this moment, we accept applicants who have Mainland Bank accounts & ID or Hong Kong local bank accounts.
7. Are there any requirements for the bank account registration?
For the applicants who have Hong Kong bank accounts, after the account is opened, any fund in/out must be operated through the registered bank account. There will be no such limitation for those who use Mainland Bank Account and ID to open account.
8. What types of customer applications are accepted for online account opening?

The online account opening function is only suitable for individual securities account opening. Applicants need to meet the following requirement:

  1. Must be aged 18 and above
  2. You were not born in the U.S
    1. Or you are not a resident for tax purpose
    2. Or you are not a green card holder
    3. Or you do not have a U.S contact address
  3. You are the beneficial owner of the account.
  4. Your direct family members and you are not a licensee
    1. Or a registered person
    2. Or a director or employee of any licensee of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission
    3. Or Director of employee of the registered person
    4. Or relevant persons of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority
9. What are the requirements for the address proof when open an account online?
For the applicants who have Hong Kong bank accounts, please provide the bill issued of your registered bank within the latest 3 months as a proof of residential address. The bill needs to show the name of the bank, recipient's name and address, the issue date, the name of the bill/document/statement, account number etc. The registered address should match the address on the proof. For the applicants who do not have Hong Kong bank accounts, please provide utility bill, statement issued from authorized institution, correspondence from a Government department etc., issued within 3 months.
10. After successfully opening an account, how can I activate the account to start trading?
After successfully opening an account, please deposit no less than the equivalent of HKD 10,000 through the registered Hong Kong bank account under same name. After the account activation, you can trade through our website or download mobile APP /computer trading software.
11. How can I deposit money to my trading securities account?
For any fund deposit and withdrawal issues, please refer to http://www.cmschina.com.hk/en/CS/FAQ?type=4 .