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Global Commodities
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Global Commodities
The Global Commodities Department of China Merchants Securities International Company Limited (“CMSI”) provides natural resource corporations, financial institutions and High Net Worth individual professional investors across the world with one-stop full-range services integrating accesses, and product and service offerings, covering China’s and international commodities investment, hedging and physical markets.

Our offerings include various products listed on China’s and global commodities exchanges, including derivatives, OTC derivatives, and precious metals margin and physical services. China Merchants Securities was named “The Best Global Commodities House in China 2013” and “The Best Global Commodities Investment Team in the Greater China, 2014” by the "Institutional Investor." Our expertise covers energies, and precious metals.

Contact Info:

  • “The Best Global Commodities Investment Team in the Greater China, 2014”
    (Institutional Investor)
  • “The Best Global Commodities House in China, 2013”
    (Institutional Investor)

Electronic trading solutions
Global Commodities Department provides a variety of first-class trading solutions to satisfy your needs.

Precious Metal
  • FlexTrade
  • mFinance

Global Futures
  • CQG
  • Trading Technologies
  • Patsystem
  • ATP
  • Sharp point
  • ICE WebICE
  • CME Direct

For high volume professional clients, we offer tailor made native market connectivity and API access to specific exchanges.
Clients shall fully understand that there are risks associated with electronic trading, including but not limited to any disoperation, delay and disruption of the electronic trading platform. Please read carefully the terms and conditions of the specific service that you wish to engage in and do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your requirements in detail.