Established in 2006, the Equity Research Division of China Merchants Securities International Company Limited ("CMSI") currently consists of 21 analysts and research assistants, covering overseas macroeconomic and strategy research, 18 major industries and 99 HKEX-listed companies. Its research encompasses Macroeconomics, Strategy and Industries including Energy, Education, Consumer, Machinery & Equipment, Property & Property Management, Internet, TMT, Hardware Technology, Auto & Auto Parts, Healthcare, Insurance, Internet Finance, Banking, Steel & Cement and Airlines, etc. CMSI's research team provides in-depth investment research services and specific project analysis. Its research capability has been continuously improving in recent years, and becomes a core driving force in CMSI's business expansion in capital markets.

CMSI's research team is highly recognized by the mainstream media in recent years:
  • China Merchants Securities (HK) made remarkable progress in AsiaMoney Brokers Poll 2019:
  • - In China H shares, Red chips and P-Chips category: Top three include Economy, Auto and Healthcare; Top five include Consumer Staples, Energy, Utilities, Environmental Protection, Industrials, Financials (Non Banking), Banks, Materials and Software & Internet Services.
    - In Hong Kong (local) category: Top three include Economy, Auto, Healthcare, Insurance, Energy, Utilities and Materials; Top five include Overall Local Brokerages, Overall Sales Service, Strategy, Consumer Staples, Industrials, Financials (Non Banking), Banks, Transportation & Logistics, Telecommunication Services and Software & Internet Services.
    - In Hong Kong (local) category: China Merchants Securities (HK) was ranked No.5 Best Local Brokerage; No.5. Best Sales Service.
  • In AsiaMoney Brokers Poll 2018:
  • - Its Strategy team and Healthcare team won the 3rd place under the China H shares, Red chips and P-Chips categories.
    - Its Industrial and Material team ranked the 1st place under the Hong Kong (local) category, while Healthcare, Utilities, Hardware Technology, Property, Transportation, Consumer Staples, Semi-conductor, Auto, Insurance and Internet teams were named as the top three.
  • It won Hong Kong (local) 3rd place in the above poll in 2017.