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Equity Research Report
China Suntien Green Energy (956 HK) - Tilting towards gas business to drive long term growth Tommy WONG,Eric SIU 2020-01-23
Tencent (700 HK) - WeChat Work is growing into a powerful CRM tool Leo LIU,Matt MA,Calvin NG 2020-01-23
iDreamSky Technology (1119 HK) - 2H19 preview: every cloud has a silver lining Matt MA,Leo LIU,Calvin NG 2020-01-23
天然气行业 - 近期哈尔滨-俄罗斯燃气供气推动冬季供应稳定 王腾杰,萧俊燊 2020-01-22
Gas Sector - Recent Harbin-Russian gas connection drives optimism on winter gas supply stability Tommy WONG,Eric SIU 2020-01-22
好未来 (TAL US) - 线下布局加速,赋能21财年 王腾杰,萧俊燊,李怡珊 2020-01-22
TAL (TAL US) - Accelerating offline a second leg to FY2021 Tommy WONG,Eric SIU,Crystal LI 2020-01-22
新东方教育科技集团 (EDU US) - 二季度业绩稳健上扬, 20财年下半年前景可期 王腾杰,李怡珊 2020-01-21
中联重科(1157 HK) - 渠道调研维持乐观判断,上调公司核心盈利预测 焦一丁 2020-01-21
New Oriental Education (EDU US) - Solid 2Q layup to positive 2H20 outlook Tommy WONG,Crystal LI 2020-01-21
宇华教育 (6169 HK) - 股价已反映20财年正面因素,静待入市良机 王腾杰,李怡珊 2020-01-20
Yuhua Education (6169 HK) - FY20E positives priced, wait for better entry opportunity Tommy WONG,Crystal LI 2020-01-20
招证国际策略周报 (2020/01/20) - 中国12月宏观数据展现更多企稳迹象 郭圆涛,钱鹭,张轩扬 2020-01-20
CMS Strategy Weekly (20 Jan 2020) - China’s macro data showed more upbeats in December Jessie GUO,Edith Qian,Harrington ZHANG 2020-01-20
Xiaomi (1810 HK) - Smartphone recovery fuelling share rally; raise TP Kevin CHEN 2020-01-20
China Life (2628 HK) - 2019 earnings shine; reiterate BUY Felix LUO,Allen Feng 2020-01-20
China Internet - Ten Billion Subsidy - the clash of eC titans Leo LIU,Matt MA,Calvin NG 2020-01-17
水泥-淡季水泥价格回落幅度可控 魏芸 2020-01-17
China Insurance Sector - Sector’s opening up hastened; domestic leaders looking ahead Felix LUO,Allen Feng 2020-01-16
中美正式签署第一阶段经贸协议 郭圆涛,张轩扬,钱鹭 2020-01-16
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