Corporate Finance and Capital Markets
Industry Specialists Teams
The Industry Specialists Teams cover major industries critical to the economic development in China including TMT, Healthcare, Financial Institutional, Consumer Goods, Transportation and Infrastructure, Energy & Utility. Leveraging the teams' industry expertise, in-depth research, seniority and extensive project experience in these industries, we excel in providing state-owned and private enterprises in both China and Hong Kong with pertinent recommendations and comprehensive corporate finance and capital markets services. Furthermore, as we keep ourselves updated with the latest industry trend in the global market, we can provide clients with the most recent industry information, project expertise, and investment strategies.

Our Industry Specialists Teams cover the below sectors:
TMT Sector
We focus on providing customers in technology, media and telecommunications industries with professional services and the best financing solutions. Our TMT team is skilled with rich industrial experiences and can fulfill client requests at all stages of corporate financing and capital markets activities and thrive to grow alongside with our client. In recent years, we have established a strong track record by actively participating in high-quality TMT IPO deals, including MEITU (1357.HK), FIT HON TENG (6088.HK), China Literature (772.HK), Yixin Group (2858.HK), CSMall (1815.HK), PA Gooddoctor (1833.HK), Xiaomi Corporation (1810.HK), 51 Credit Card (2051.HK), Hope Education (1765.HK), Meituan Dianping (3690.HK), Tongcheng-Elong (780.HK), Babytree Group (1761.HK), iDreamSky (1119.HK), Maoyan Entertainment (1896.HK), etc.
Healthcare Sector
Our Healthcare team focuses on providing comprehensive corporate financing and capital markets services to customers from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare services and other health-related industries. Our Healthcare team maintains close contact with leading market players, industry experts, private equity funds and regulators in the healthcare sector. With in-depth understanding and extensive resources in the healthcare sector, we are committed to provide customers with cutting-edge industry information and recommendations as well as first-class corporate financing and capital markets services. Our team has extensive experience of execution and processes with a good reputation in the market. In recent years, our Healthcare team has provided professional financial services on the IPOs and finance projects to a number of companies in the healthcare industry including 3SBio (1530.HK), Genertec Universal Medical (2666.HK), Sinco Pharmaceuticals (6833.HK), China Resources Pharmaceutical (3320.HK), New Century Healthcare (1518.HK), Wuxi Biologics (2269.HK), C-MER Eye Care (3309.HK), Ascletis Pharma (1672.HK), Innovent Biologics (1801.HK), Wuxi Apptec (2359.HK), CStone Pharmaceuticals (2616.HK), Hansoh Pharmaceutical (3692.HK), Jinxin Fertility (1951.HK), Venus Medtech (2500.HK), InnoCare Pharma (9969.HK) etc.
Financial Institutional Sector
Focuses on providing services to banks, insurance firms, securities brokerage firms, trust, leasing, and fund management companies as well as other financial institutions in China and Hong Kong, our Financial Institutional team is dedicated to provide our clients with integrated financial solutions, which include IPO, underwriting, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, investment analysis, venture capital, project financing and financial advisory services. Members of our Financial Institutional team possess professional level of financial literacy, extensive industry experience and efficient project execution capabilities. In recent years, our Financial Institutional team has provided professional financial services on IPOs and financing projects to a number of large-scale Chinese financial institutions, including Bank of China (3988.HK), Postal Savings Bank of China (1658.HK), Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank (1551.HK), Shengjing Bank (2066.HK), Huishang Bank (3698.HK), Bank of Qingdao (3866.HK), Harbin Bank (6138.HK), PICC Group (1339.HK), China Reinsurance (1508.HK), China Huarong (2799.HK), China Cinda (1359.HK), China Merchants Securities (6099.HK), Huatai Securities (6886.HK) , Guangfa Securities (1776.HK), etc.
Consumer Goods Sector
Our Consumer Goods team is dedicated to provide comprehensive financial services and customized financing solutions to companies in the consumer goods industry. In recent years, our Consumer Goods team participated in several significant IPOs in Hong Kong capital market including JS Global Lifestyle (1691.HK), China Feihe (6186.HK), China Tobacco International (Hong Kong) (6055.HK), Babytree Group (1761.HK), Tongcheng-Elong (780.HK), Meituan Dianping (3690.HK), Xiaomi (1810.HK), CS Mall (1815.HK), etc.
Transportation and Infrastructure Sector
Our Transportation and Infrastructure team's services cover capital markets financing, refinancing and others for clients engage in transportation infrastructure construction, architectural engineering design and construction, shipping, ports, highways, rail transportation, logistics, municipal infrastructure construction and operation. We are dedicated to provide our clients with full spectrum corporate finance and capital markets services including pre-IPO reorganization and restructuring financial advisory services, IPO sponsorship and underwriting. Our team members have long been providing capital market services to customers in the transportation infrastructure industry and have accumulated extensive industry experience. In recent years, our Transportation and Infrastructure team has provided professional financial services on IPOs and finance projects to a number of companies, including China Merchants Port (144.HK), Sinotrans Ltd. (598.HK), China Tower (788.HK), Hebei Construction (1727.HK), China Logistics Property (1589.HK), China CRSC (3969.HK), Yunnan Water (6839.HK), Zhengzhou Urban Construction Investment Group, Chang Development International, Shangdong Hi-Speed Financial Group, etc.
Energy & Utility Sector
Our Energy & Utility team is focused on serving companies and clients along the oil & gas value chain and/or in sectors such as traditional power generation, clean and renewable energy, power and gas transmission and distribution, and environmental services. With years of leadership experience in Global Energy, Power & Utilities team of top US investment banks, our team members have deep and unique understanding of the industries and are highly experienced in project execution. We have also developed and maintained close relationship with companies and active investors in the industries. We are committed to provide our clients with a full range of financial advisory and financing services in relation to equity/debt financing, corporate restructuring, and M&A. We have a strong track record in energy and utility industry and has provided professional services, with respect to IPO and other financing services, to a number of corporative clients, including Datang International Power (991.HK), China Longyuan Power (916.HK), Datang Environment Industry (1272.HK), Everbright Greentech (1257.HK), Shanghai Dazhong Public (1635.HK), Canvest Env (1381.HK), ENN Energy (2688.HK), State Grid Corporation, Sinopec Group, etc.

The close collaboration between the Industry Specialist Teams, Corporate Finance Department and Global Capital Markets Department enables us to provide one-stop capital markets services of the highest quality to state-owned and private corporate clients in China and Hong Kong.