Investment Management
Asset Management
Company Profile
China Merchants Securities Asset Management (H.K.) Co., Ltd. (“CMSAMHK”), founded in 2008, is fully owned by China Merchants Securities International Company Limited (“CMSI”). CMSAMHK is the primary platform through which CMSI provides asset management services and operates with Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities licenses issued by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong. CMSAMHK focus on diversified cross-border asset management services, investment consulting services and one-stop fund management and personal wealth management services. Our goal is to become one of the leading asset management firms that provides a variety of products and premier services.
Investment Team
The investment team consists of asset management specialists from Hong Kong and Mainland China, who not only have a broad range of knowledge on and market access to China related investments, but also are experienced in providing a platform for global markets investment. CMSAMHK persistently holds Fundamental Analysis as the core of Value Investing and ventures into contrarian investment to beat the market.
CMSAMHK has established various product lines and currently focuses on the following business:
  1. Fund Management
    CMSAMHK offers a wide range of public and private funds with different investment objectives and risk features to capture investment opportunities in stock and bond markets in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asia Pacific and USA. Comprehensive as they are, these funds offer steady performance and most of them outperform the industries and markets since launch. The products have been designed based on the current investment trends with a focus on value investing. At the same time, we structure our investment portfolio in accordance with its characteristics to form a risk management system in order to control risks and ensure the value of the portfolio.
    CMSAMHK is qualified to provide RQFII and QFII ((R)QFII) services with the respective quotas. Through its RQFII/QFII channels, CMSAMHK provides investors with RQFII/QFII public funds and RQFII/QFII targeted investment services and more options in RMB investment products transacted in various markets, including domestic interbank bond market, exchange bond market, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, and public funds. The underlying investment assets includes stocks, government bonds, policy bank bonds, enterprise bonds, corporate bonds, medium term notes, convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds, money market funds, stock index futures, in order to capture the possible growth potential of China's economy and its A-share markets.
  3. Discretionary Accounts
    CMSAMHK provides customized asset management services to domestic and overseas institutional clients and high net worth individual investors. It has full understanding of clients' requirements for liquidity, returns and risk tolerance levels and customizes the most suitable portfolio for each client accordingly to achieve desired returns.
  4. Investment Advisory
    CMSAMHK works with well-performing assets management companies at home and abroad to launch funds and provide advisory services as an investment advisor. To meet clients' needs and improve profitability, CMSAMHK provides institutional clients and funds at home and abroad with investment advisory services. CMSAMHK delivers market research reports and recommends model portfolios (including blue chip stocks and bonds) for investors' reference on a regular basis. It also provides investors interested in private equity in overseas markets with one-stop private equity incubation services so they can seek development opportunities.